How to Download Printer Driver Easily

How to Download Printer Driver Easily

Drivers are software that you must install to run the printer properly. Some operating system such as Windows 8, does not require to install a printer driver, so you can just plug and play directly. But to use the printer in advance, you should install the printer driver. But, what if your printer driver is missing? Usually you buy a printer and get a DVD / CD driver, but sometimes we are careless and we lost it. Here are 3 easy ways to download from the internet.

1. How to Download Printer Driver through Google

For those of you who are rarely in front of the computer or rarely use Google, you might hard to find a website to download your printer driver. The way is to type the right keywords. Without the right keywords Google cannot give a good result to you. Here are the tips:

– First know the type of your printer.
– Open Google and type in your printer type
– Add 2 words in the end, “drivers” and “downloads”

Then you can choose from the Google results. You can select a link from the website for the brand of your printer. E.g. Canon, HP, Epson, Brother.

But if not then you should look from other websites. The easiest thing you can try is to search on the first page of Google search results.

2. How to Download Printer Driver through Website

The second way is to visit the manufacturer website such as Canon or driver websites such as For example, the brand of your printer is Canon, you can open the Canon website and download the printer driver. Each printer brands have their own websites that provide the printer driver.

You can easily find your printer driver:

You just choose the product Canon
Choosing products, types, and models
After that press the find then you can find the drivers you are looking for.
Similarly to other websites. The interface is different but the way it works is the same so you can just enter the product and the type then you can find the drivers.

3. How to Download Printer Drivers Using the Driver Pack

The third way is the easiest because you just download Driver pack. Driver Pack is a collection of all types of drivers so you can use it for other printers as well. But the file size is very large like 8GB. To download driver pack the way he is:

You can download using a file server such as Rapidgator, Mediafire, etc.

Another way you can use your download torrent. Visit your favorite torrent site and search by keyword Driver Pack.

After you download you can use it to install your printer driver or for other drivers.

That’s 3 tips from me to download and install the printer driver so that you are losing drivers can find a replacement easily.

Gmail Tips Dealing with Labels

Gmail Tips Dealing with Labels

There are many ways to control all emails in Gmail, and they are basically essential skill to have. Here are some nice Gmail tips related to control the chaotic emails so that they will become more ‘civilized’. There is a feature known as labeling for marking each email with particular label. It is quite useful because searching email will be so much easier. However, there is a problem underlying this matter especially in terms of complexity coming with the label. Each person actually needs to be consistent in making the labels or otherwise, it is very complicated to find the exact email in quick time.

Gmail Labeling Tips

Considering the complexity, some people may run away from this feature. However, it is actually quite fun to deal with. Using this feature, it is possible to automate filtering emails without hassle. Even though there is millions of email, they can be controlled and managed quite well with this feature. This feature can be found in setting, and it is perfectly helpful to manage the emails. Gmail tips for labeling also can be customized depending on need.

For example, if you need specific tag or folder for particular email such as work, you can do that easily using this feature.

We know that it is quite fun thing to make labels in each email, but there is something that should be noted. Custom labels are limited by Gmail up to 5000 including its sublabel. Exceeding that number, it will make Gmail less responsive. In customizing the label, there are many interesting things such as adding color to make the users more responsive in getting the exact email while going through the jungle of emails. Those are all about Gmail tips related to label. For some reason, labels are still not important but with proper usage, they are helpful tool for organizing labels.

Do You Want to Save Money While Traveling in London? Do These Things

Do You Want to Save Money While Traveling in London? Do These Things

London, the Capital City of England is one of the well-known cities in the world. Therefore, it is not surprised anymore when this city becomes popular among tourists. There will be so many famous sites that can be visited there. Nonetheless, for some tourists, going there is expensive enough. For you who want still to go there, these are the things you can do to save money while traveling in this city.

  1. Choose Inexpensive Hotels

In London, you maybe will find so many starred hotels, but if you want to save your money, it is a must for you to choose the inexpensive one. By doing this, you can save your vacation budget.

  1. Walk to See How Great London is

Yeah, if you want to save your money when you have vacationed in London, one thing you have to do is walking. Seeing London by taking a bus or another public transportation is not a good idea for you who has a limited budget. Besides cheap, walking can be nice for you to take more pictures in London.

  1. Buy Cheap Food and Drink

Going to save your money in London, what you must do is doing the thing in cheap cost. Thus, not only choosing a cheap hotel, you also need to buy the cheap food and drink. You can find this in traditional restaurants. For the taste, do not worry, you can still find such a delicious one.

  1. Watching Free Attractions

What do you plan in London? Having a limited vacation budget, you can do this thing. You watch the free attractions in a certain street in London. By doing this, you will not only save your money but also, you can get such a memorable vacation in London.

In short, the things above are the things you can do if you want to save your money in London. Want to try it?

What Preparation do You need to Do Before Visiting Bali?

What Preparation do You need to Do Before Visiting Bali?

Talking about Bali, indeed, it will talk about the beautiful view. Beaches, mountains, lakes, rivers, and fresh air come to our mind when imagining this island. Located in Indonesia, Bali has a tropical climate and it brings such an interesting thing since you can go sunbathing and swim anytime. For you who has the plan to visit this great tourism destination, there will be some things you must consider first before.

  1. Weather

Yeah, if you want to visit Bali, you have to consider about the weather there. In this case, you need to know the best time to come there. If you want to go sunbathing and see a clear sky, of course, the hot season will be the best. It is around in the middle of the year to get it.

  1. Clothes

For the second thing, you must think about if you plan to come to Bali is clothes. For you who are the local tourist, you have had a good knowledge what the best clothes wore in Bali. However, for you who are the first time to visit Bali, what you have to prepare are summer clothes. The hot climate there will be not good for you to wear such jacket or sweater.

  1. Hotel

Going on vacation, the hotel is one of the most important things you must prepare including when you go to Bali. In this tourism destination, you will find various hotels with various prices as well. What you have to do is that choose the best hotel for you.

  1. Transportation

You want to see how beautiful Bali is, don’t you? Thus, you need transportation there. In order to get the satisfaction, it is better for you to rent a private car so that you can go any places you want to visit in Bali.

Those are the preparations you need to do before visiting Bali Island. So, just happy holiday in Bali guys.